Hevac launches Airmaster decentralised MVHR for schools

Hevac launches Airmaster decentralised MVHR for schools

Heating and ventilation specialists Hevac have launched a range of decentralised mechanical ventilation systems with recovery (MVHR) for schools onto the Irish market – including a certified passive house unit.

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Manufactured by Hevac’s Danish partner Airmaster, the systems are designed to provide an improved classroom environment for pupils and staff by bringing the benefzits of MVHR in terms of air quality, thermal comfort and energy savings – without the ductwork that centralised systems require.

Airmaster’s comprehensive product range includes 120,000 units installed worldwide in industrial, commercial and public buildings – and the Passive House Institute-certified Airmaster AM 1000 decentralised MVHR unit.

Hevac said that Airmaster units are decentralised and air distribution is duct free, meaning fan power is kept to a minimum. A typical classroom installation requires one Airmaster AM 1000 per room, with intake and exhaust connections to the outside.

The certified passive house component can recover up to 90 per cent of a room’s heat using an aluminium heat exchanger, reducing the building’s heat load and heat loss.

The certification of the AM 1000 makes available an innovative ventilation strategy that can improve indoor air quality without sacrificing thermal comfort. With growing pressure on buildings to become energy efficient and comfortable, decentralised MVHR such as Airmaster should play a vital role in the solution.