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One air change every two hours with over 90% heat recovered; SILENT OPERATION; Healthy indoor air quality free of dust, pollen & traffic pollution; Climate control with automatic summer mode & frost protection; Comfort cooling for Summer & room heating for Winter; Net-positive running costs; Extra long-life brushless motors & filters; Easy to install, leak-free, condensation- proof, SAP compatible 75mm ducting; Manufacturer approved system design, installation & customer service consistently rated ‘Excellent’ by home owners, developers & architects alike; 5-year mechanical warranty & NICEIC insurance-backed ‘compliance’ guarantee; complete peace of mind.

That's our definition, what's yours?


Solarcrest is on a mission to eliminate CO2 emissions from the built environment. Our target is 2 tonnes/year from domestic homes and 6 tonnes from commercial building. As a climate aware, family run business with ethics our priorities are people, planet and then profit. It’s for this reason we suggest a process rather than just products, beginning with the least cost (lowest margin) but highest gain (energy & CO2 saved).

By offering eco knowledge, resources and products we aim to make ‘whole house retrofit’ that bit easier. So if you want a more comfortable, energy efficient home or work environment, with early capital repayment through utility savings, why not see what your building needs to achieve it.

38-42 Brunswick Hill
SK10 1ET

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